Introducing TempShield™

Modern cell door windows allow inmates to watch your staff as they perform necessary emergency activities. Tempshield™ uses flexible magnetic rubber to INSTANTLY cover inmate cell door windows during emergencies. Designed by Retired Correctional Professionals, this NEW security tool is “Patent Pending”.


Maintain Control During Emergency Situations

TempShield™ has a powerful magnetic adhesive which will grip the outside of the inmate cell window frame & door. TempShield™ is simple to use, effective, durable and guaranteed to last. TempShield™ is a new "patent pending" security device developed for use at State, County, Private and Federal facilities.

Correctional Professionals Agree

TempShield™ provides Correctional professionals worldwide an effective tool to improve staff and inmate safety. This simple security device will assist staff in isolating, containing and managing inmates during emergency/contingency operations.

Excellent for covering inmate cell door windows prior to calculated use of force situations!
Henry T. GarrettEmergency Preparedness OfficerRetired Corrections Officer, 35 years